Poem#7 Dr Jones Leap of Faith

Feb 11, 2019
Glen Rock, PA
Poem#7 Dr Jones Leap of Faith

Sometimes have to take that blind leap of faith

Even though can’t see where to step, step anyway

And Jesus will give the stability to walk on water

We’re exploring the jungles of our life & faith

We Might not be Dr Jones on the last crusade

The 40 days in the wilderness might feel like it

Leaping for that invisible bridge that might or might not be

Do we listen to the fear, or to the voice underneath our feet

Jesus will never allow us to fall through, He won’t break

We won’t be tossed a whip, but will be given a lifeline

Jesus will give us a hand, or lay down to be the bridge

All He asks is that we lay our Sin at the feet of His Cross

Might not feel worthy, lay the shame down anyway

Trust the nailed scard hands to lift you up to stand

Don’t doubt the redemption of His forgiveness

Fear of the blind leap of faith keeps us from seeing

The Truth that’s been waiting on Holy Ground for us

Don’t need to be Dr Jones, just Trust Jesus is with us