Poem#78 Rain Humility

Poem#78 Rain Humility

1st Timothy 3

Calling on all Men of God to be Humble to Stay Humble

Never lose sight the Value Humility has in God’s Kingdom

The Strength of Humility can’t be moved, can’t be Pushed

When Humility is led by example as Jesus Christ showed us

Like God’s rain it just flows down the Mountain into the Valley

Without the need to be seen by others, just results marveled

When Humility of Christ becomes a priority our Tongue is guarded

No longer having to fear the tongue of the Serpent of old like a Devil

Kneeling before Christ even as the World sees us Standing

True Brothers in Christ will Recognize the Humbled Kneeling Man

That God is raising & is calling to put our Arms around in Discipleship

For further examples of Humility leading to Godliness like Christ

As The Father was Manifested in the Flesh as Jesus born on earth

Vindicated by the Spirit, seen by the Angels ,to be Proclaimed by All

His Truth can’t be Denied, As Jesus was Raised on High by His Glory

The day is coming when we’ll know how Fragile we really were

How Precious the Love of Jesus really is as His Hands scooped

Dust we came Formed into the Image of His Likeness, Redeemed