Poem#92 God’s Will Now

Poem#92 God’s Will Now

Don’t get so far ahead that rest of the body can’t catch up

Wherever the Feet of Jesus goes so does the rest of Him

His Arms can’t say let’s go ahead of His feet

Whichever God has called us to be as His Body being the Church

That’s His Will for me at the Present Moment to fulfill His Desires

Who Am I to question the God with All the Details of my Life

The Body of Christ can only do so much without the Head attached

The Disciples of Christ each have their calling to serve in God’s detail

Their is No Coincidence to any part of God’s plan coming to Pass

Don’t look so far ahead we lose sight of Jesus who Holds All Tomarrow’s

Whichever Storm He leads us don’t focus on the Human waves crashing

As the Devil’s Fear is a lier & only purpose is getting us to Lose Faith

Keeping our Eyes on Jesus as it’s His eyes that shows the Way

Through His Spirit guiding us in All Truths to fulfill God’s Will Now

Keeping us on course to be good stewards of His Holy Word

So for those called to being Hands of Jesus let Jesus use them

So for those called to being Feet of Jesus let Jesus move them

Together will Feed His Sheep as Disciples as the Body of Christ