Pope Resigns - Sign Of The Times?

Some sects of the denomination teach this, but as I said

My reference :

I am not being argumenitive, just making sure that we are all clear.

From the above site...........
"Within the U.K. most Brethren churches are 'Open Brethren'. There is, however, another, separate group, known as the 'Exclusive Brethren'.

As with most Christian denominations there are always those who do go away from the tenants of the faith and do goofy things.

In Tenn. and Ga. there are "Baptists" who handle rattle snakes and temp God by doing so. They are Baptists in name only not in actions.
Major...Not need for anyone to wish to argue...I'm just wanting to make clear that not all "Brethren" are the same as Mr. Darby's branch.
I don't want folks who have NOT studied the Brethren to think they all baptise only consenting adults.

Yes...Last count I had that in America there are quite lot of sects called "Baptist":

The study of the variants in the Baptist movement is a study within itself, for there are hundreds of different groups ascribing to different sets of beliefs. ...Some of the general terms used to describe different types of Baptists ought to be defined. “General” Baptists are those who believe that the blood of Christ was shed for all men, and so salvation is generally available to all men. “Particular” Baptists are more influenced by Calvinism and accept the concept of limited atonement. “Freewill” Baptists reject many aspects of Calvinism and believe that men have free will. “Landmark” Baptists believe that the local church is the expression of the universal assembly in a given area, to the exclusion of any others. “Primitive” Baptists seek to return to the primitive faith of the New Testament.
Major groups include the American Baptist Association, American Baptist Churches in the USA, Baptist General Conference (emerging from Pietism), General Association of General Baptist Churches, General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, National Association of Free Will Baptists, National Baptist Convention of America, National Primitive Baptist Convention, New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches, North American Baptist Conference, Primitive Baptists, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Reformed Baptist Church, and the Southern Baptist Convention.