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Positive Games PS2

There's got to be a Christian on this
site who plays PS2 games??!! :(

There are good, clean and fun games.

Backyard Baseball franchise is a dynamite
game for kids [like me] and grown-ups
alike! My son, wife and I love it! :smt069

You can create your own 'kid' and give
him different attributes. Also, there are
kids that are supposed to be 'real' baseball
players only as if they were kids, like,
Albert Pujolos, Alex Roriguez, Randy Johnson,
Mike Piaaza and so on.

It will take you back when you were in
your hometown playing from sundown to
sunrise a good game of baseball or stickball
in the school yard or in the streets.

Backyard Baseball 2007 will be released June,
2006, I can't wait!

'The Bible' for PS2 is another cool game where
you are on a game show like jeapordy answering
O.T. questions! Great graphics and intercaction!

God Bless,

ps2 and bible games

I would love to see Believers make a game that is similiar to the Harry Potter PC games, BUT is Solid in Bible and Jesus all the way! Jeopardy for believers does not interest. Baseball does not interest me in a game. But, I love playing HP but do NOT agree with anything HP teaches. I also believe that JK Rowling is a liar. She admitted that she research every word to be sure that the correct French word was used when they translated the book into French. Anyone who does that amount of research KNOWS where Sirius as a name comes from, KNOWS Satanism and Wiccan backwards! And is what some people call themselves Christian-Wiccans which we both know is am impossibility as one can not serve two 'gods' at once. So, I do not believe that she is saved. Nor, do I believe that she is ignorant as to the true meaning behind her books - and the satanic ties her books have. This is also one of the reason I really really want to get better at programming so I can write such a game. I am still trying to learn HTML and Java Script! Far cry from Java and psp programming. :roll: I am largely lousy at video games. I found that I can do hp games to a point. Stuart Little I even have problems with in part. Pac Man'd "Quest" I can do level 1 and 2 but have problems with 3. However, neither of those games have good places to explore and find things that are hidden. Stuart Little has some hunt and find, but it is not the same. The graphics are also not so detailed. Someday, the Lord will answer my prayer, and a game will be developed. My idea of this game would one where for 'cards' one finds cards with the people from the bible on them, with a brief description of what they did, one would have situations where one needs to run off and find the right bible verse that will help solve the situation. Application rather than rote memorization. Add secret rooms where one can find mazes, memory games (concentration), etc.; Mansions of many rooms to explore, drawers and doors to open, books to take off the shelf and read (books with good teachings in them, stories, bible verses, etc.)... That is enough rattling for one day. I DO appreciate your post though!!! Thanks!