Possible Live Chat Room

Possible Live Chat Room

I think a live chatroom would be a nice addition to the site.

Of course, all rules and the *Christians-only* management would apply, guests wouldn't be able to chat in there.

They have a number of chat rooms you could use, and it may get more members to come more often that are here already.

Of course, you would have to make sure to manage the chat. I would suggest no debates, but that's up to the Staff to decide.

This has been considered many times and in the future it may happen but at the moment we simply do not have the resources to control it effectively.
As I say it is under consideration for the future.
vBulletin has a shoutbox option that can be added to a forum.

The good things about it are: 1) you can make it invisible to guests, 2) you can restrict which usergroups can post in it (so, you could make it so that only members who have a lot of posts and are known to be trusted can talk in it), 3) if I recall correctly, you can also put word filters on it 4) it keeps logs, and those logs can be edited/ deleted by a moderator or admin, but also can serve to show which members are abusing their shout priveledges, 5) individual members can be restricted from using the shoutbox, 6) moderators/ admins can clear the shoutbox at any time if they find inappropriate things going on in there 7) the shoutbox can be made to allow for smilies and images also to be placed in it, or the feature can be turned off. 8) members do not have to log into it, nor navigate away from the main forum page to find it. When they are logged into the forum, they are already able to chat there and it uses their username (they cannot change their username and chat anonymously). 9) Members can not edit nor delete anything in it.

The bad things about it are: 1) It is known to always have security holes, and needs patches. 2) Some features are recommended to stay off because of such holes. 3) As with any "chatroom" people tend to be a little less restrained.

Anyhow, just offering one suggestion for the future. Not trying to convince anyone of anything. I don't know if you ever tried or talked about the shoutbox option before.