posting videos

posting videos

I tried to post a couple videos. When I copied and pasted the links, two of each video windows showed up in the preview. I then typed each link and only one of each video window showed up in the preview. Then when I posted it, just the links showed up.
Is there something wrong?
Am I doing something wrong?

Pastor Gary

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Please send Jeff a PM with those details. He will be back here within a day or two and can look over your linking situation by way of the Administrative Control Panel to see if there are issues with the posting protocol or the manner in which you added the links to the post. Only Jeff can evaluate and test technical issues from members. Thank you. :)


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Hi Dean,
If its this post you are talking about, previews show up only on certain forums such as 'Christian Videos'.. General forum does not have the feature. You didn't do anything wrong. Its just the way the forums are set up. :)