pr4+ website?


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pr4+ website?

Does anyone have a website with a pagerank 4 or more? How did you manage to reach that much? Any secrets? :D
As I undestand it, Google gives you a pagerank for lots of quality links and good updated contents. Pagerank of 4+ is not very easy to achieve.
How doe a site achieve this?
Ray? :)

My understanding is that Google uses a lot of factors such as quality content, links from highly ranked sites (but not recriprocal links), good use of meta tags and appropriate use of keywords, appropriate alt tags on graphics, etc. I am not an expert in Search Engine Optimisation. When we set up our site I took into account all the above. I keep the site updated and we went to Google pr4 within 6 weeks and have remained there. Now naturally I want pr5. Don't know why I want it just seems like the next step.
Hi, everybody!
I do have a website with PR 4, To speak a bit about this: the PR reflects the quantity and the quality of the sites linking back to you. The more sites link back to you, the better and you get a higher PR. So in order to get a PR of 4, you should get some links. I can not tell you how many since there is not a fix number. Here comes the quality of the links. If you have hundreds and thousands of sites linking to you with a PR 1, you will not get that PR 4 you want. But If you have a few sites with PR 4, 5, 6, etc linking to you, then you might just get that PR 4 you like. By the way, it is not that hard to obtain a PR 4.

Coming back to the question, how did I get it? My site I mentioned above distributes free Christian site templates, for download. Each of the template has a link back to my site so each site using one of my templates will keep such a link to my sites. There are quite many sites using my templates.

This is the way.

Since you don't distribute such templates, you should put a link in the bottom of the posts on such forums, in the signature, comment on blogs, a lot, I mean. Trade links with fellow webmasters, etc.

Hope that helped you!
One of my domains is a 3 that redirects to my current board but I can't seem to get the domain for the current board up past 0. I am trying to get links out there as much as possible but it is a slow, frustrating process.

This week, I have been working on SEO so we will see what happens.
I signed up for a service where I am supposed to receive an email any time the pr changes so we will see.
My main site is a 2 but I just got it set up so hopefully it will get higher soon. I haven't checked my sub domains yet. Someone told me it also depends on how common your url is and if it's an actual domain and not a sub domain. I don't really know though. The best way, so I'm told, is to post your link on other sites. Not just the links though, like write whole paragraphs with descriptions and everything because they get used kind of like keywords. The meta tags do have a lot to do with it also. Use as many keywords as you can and write a good detailed description. Also be sure to have this line in it...

<META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="All">

because that's how the robots and spiders and such can find your site easier. Anywho, that's enough for now. I'll try to post more about this later. :)
I am a professional web designer with a website that has had PR 5 for a couple years and briefly was a PR 6 until Google demoted the PR of most sites on the internet last year

My site being over 8 years old is a big factor plus having the word "web" in my domain name. Plus I have "only" gathered links from quality sites over the years, no link submission services and no dishonest linking schemes and practices. Plus I add another page almost every month.

I think the most important factor bringing traffic and natural links from visitors (and PR) to my site is that a majority of my pages are graphics tutorials, articles on keyword ranking, hijacking of websites, web hosting scams, SEO, HTML and CSS tips. I also provide landscape photos and free graphics (Google loves free information).

I get about 95% of my traffic from the above but it provides me enough business that I turn down about 1 job per day as I'm usually booked up for several months.

Like they say, "Content is King" and I really believe that is true.
I realize that I am a non-techi but I have maintained a website for a school and developed various pages for it. I did this for about 6 years and used FrontPage plus some code I "borrowed" and edited to fit our need. I inserted meta tags and descriptive text in the landing page near the top of the source code. I am now responsible for a school website designed by a marketing/webdesign company especially for our school. They are telling me that SEO via meta tags is not the way to do it now. Links back to your website, frequent editing of pages and addition of pages, as well as some text on various pages that contain key words (usually used in code such as meta tags and descriptions). So I have a little line I frequently put on my news pages at the bottom. Not always, but frequently. I change the landing page to reflect what is going on currently at the school. So my landing page is not a stagnant page. The borders of the page contain information that doesn't necessarily change.

I am open to any suggestions you can give to help me with SEO. In fact, I subscribe to Website Magazine which I am getting FREE!!! It is really over my head but I can glean a bit from it. The Feb. 2008 issue had a SEO article that was interesting. If I can find the link for a free subscription to this (again), I'll post for those of you who might be interested.

You can go to the various search engines sites and post your site's information for optimization. Some of these are free. Some you have to pay for. I picked up a few of the free listings.

My school is Alamance Christian School and you can google it to see the website if you wish.

NOTE: I just checked the Page Rank page and put our's in for a check. This is what it shows: PageRank: 3/10. I am assuming it is a pr3 so that is not too good, right????? Now I need to really SEO somehow. Any tips 'n clues. I can't edit source code in this particular platform so it will all have to be external.

My site is up to a pr3 now. Considering shelling out $150 for vBseo but not sure yet.

PR3 is good.
Pagerank is achieved by backlinks only. It has nothing to do with content or anything like that, simply backlinks. The pagerank (little green bar) is just a little guide that helps you learn more about a site but is by no means the by all end all of site power.

I have PR4 sites but I also have PR2 sites that out rank the PR4 sites. Build lots of backlinks, add lots of content, work diligently on navigation and keep at it. Focus on power, not the little green bar.
This thread seems to have died, but let's revive it again and learn from each other. Our school - Alamance Christian School - has a new website (or CMS for the same URL). The design is completely new and lots of new stuff. We launched a year ago this month (whew! that was a stretch of time, energy, and ability). I analyze the website ( Welcome to Alamance Christian School) with the Google analytics tool and am mostly using it to see where the hits are coming from and what pages they land on (and how long there). This helps me determine the value of certain pages as far as our constituency's utilization of the site and promotional activities for the school are concerned.

I'd like to ask that any of you web gurus that have the time and inclination take a few moments and analyze the site for me. Much appreciation in advance for your kindness to Christian education and to me.
I took just a very quick look because I'm short on time but one thing I did notice was the e-mail address. I would highly recommend you use a contact form instead of an e-mail address. It will serve the same purpose and if you use the form with captcha code verification you will keep spam down. As I have time I will explore a bit more.