Praise for My Mother

Hello all. I have been absent for a while (school is taking its time) but I just wanted to post about my mom :) My mom used to work with her mom (my grandmother) and because of family tension and some very cruel words from my grandmother my mom stopped working with her. My mom hadn't worked in about 2.5 months and she has been applying to so many jobs and working so hard for a new job. I've helped her with her resume and applying for a few jobs, and just this Friday she called me in tears saying that she finally got a job, and she starts this Wednesday :) I'm so proud of her and I hope everything goes well for her. She has worked so hard for this, and she has struggled a long time. I ask for praise of her accomplishment but also prayers for when she starts this job and that everything goes smoothly for her. God has blessed my family so much, and I only pray that things continue to go well for them.
Thank you guys <3
Well this is good news :) Praise God for HE has opened a new door that is better. Prayers also go to mom for a smooth transition.