I have some very excitting news that I want to share because I consider many of you on this web sight my friends plus when I can I love exalting the name of Jesus Christ.A licensed councelor contacted me and he said that the book I wrote called SUICIDE SPIRIT opened his heart and mind to this wicked spirit and because of this he has discoverd many new ways to help people and already he has been able to show people that life does have a purpose and eash person has meaning to life.He said that he is going to recommend this book to many other professionals because he is already seeing the results in some people.Plus he is recomending cliets to buy the book because it has so much information about suicide in it.I just had to share this because I attempted suicide 5 times over 20 years ago and today I am working hard at saving lives and rescueing childern,leading people to Christ and helping people understand that they do have a purpose and a destiney in life.If Christ can take a very wicked man like I was and use me just imagine what the power of Christ love can do in you.So please come to know Christ Jesus because words cant explain his love or power he has towards eash and every person.