Praise The Lord.


Praise The Lord.

I from India, was born and brought up in a Highly Orthodox Hindu Brahmin background came to know the Love of Jesus Christ thro His words took immersion baptism serving Him as full time minister of God for nearly 27 years .
By the grace nearly more than 175 non christian families came to Jesus Christ thro praeching , teaching and deliverance.
Many Muslims also took baptism in our ministry.

I thank God for this wonderful site glorifying Jesus.

my mother tongue is not english , please pardon me If por language presentations.

Kindly pray for us and our ministries.

Thank you Jesus.

Daniels, Hello and Welcome!!!
I'm so happy to get to know you~
What wonderful work you have done for the Lord.
Bless you, and you and your ministry are in my prayers~
Hi Daniel,
Thank you for sharing the miracle of God working in your life.
He is a wonderful saviour.:amen:
By the way your English is fine.
Hi Daniel - very glad to have you here! What a wonderful ministry you have led!

You are a wonderful addition to this forum, Daniels.
I can feel God's Spirit and love through you!
Praise His name!

warm greetings in Christ from united states. God bless. your english is good, probably better than many english speaking people. glad you are here.