pray and join with us for tribal people work

I know the religion in tribal people, i traveled and met many tribal people. There is lot of work in the tribal people. Lord inspired me to work for tribal people. But in same time Lord is delighting me to train the people to send to the tribal people. And also I am thinking to train the people from tribal people. I am believing this can gives the more results in tribal people. So who are in desire to work for their people i am gathering the information of them and preparing to conduct the basic evangelical classes for 25 tribal evangelists. I am hoping, Lord may permit us to do this in September or October.
please pray for that, i am grateful for your prayer support.. thank you
Hi Josh,

It's commendable that you want to do something to lead tribal people closer to Christ. What group of tribal people did you have in mind specifically?

Depending upon where you go and the specific tribe you are dealing with, you could be up for a myriad of challenges. So good luck with that! (I'm sure the gift of tongues, and maybe even the gift of healing will be of some use when working with more primitive tribal communities. But, beyond all else, be sure to bring with you the sword of truth!)

I know some missionaries tend to be fairly dogmatic about doctrinal issues when relating to individuals from different cultures. While there can be a place for such an approach, you may also find better results through a more inclusive approach, which focuses on encouraging the Light already inside of them. For example, even just general encouragement for them to share more, give more, show love for their enemies, etc., can actually lead them a lot closer to Christ (and His teachings) than most people imagine. So don't overlook the effectiveness of such a simplistic approach of leading people to Christ through preaching Kingdom principles first, and theology second.

Good luck!
i am not charishmatical minister, i don't fallow tongues , healings, dreams and visions, i am fallowing the paul teachings.. new testament truth
100% we fallow the word of God with right doctrine.,., please pray..