prayer hall is removed in a very new village

Dear brethren
Today is sad day for me

The non believers attack is raised,
We don't have more men support or government support,
In that village non believers are attacked more,
They want to make harm believers homes too
So to keep the faith in new believers, we decided to remove the prayer hall

we built prayer hall by pouring lot of money in that rented land, we are going to loss. no one is backing up here from this tragedy, they Land owner also united with non believers and anti Christians,,.Actually he made his agreement with us with good encouraging mind to get some rent,, now he changed his mood... . in this country there is no security for private agreements in this type of matters,, so we lost our hold..,

Today morning we have started to remove the prayer hall from that place

I am in very sad but waiting in Lord with some hope for future

We have to seek the new place, we have to purchase the Land
Please convey this to good christians,.,
thanking you in Lord
with some sad and with some hope
Praying for you, Josh, and for your fellow believers there in India. May our Lord Jesus Christ protect you, bless your efforts and open doors for the Good News.