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I'll be more than happy to share my approach. I keep a testimony book/prayer journal, and in the back pages I write all the things I'm praying for(mostly it's for other ppl but I have a few requests of my own);). And in the front I write a short summary about each answered prayer - a.k.a testimonies. That way I don't forget what God's done in the past, and it is a great encouragement when I read it.:)


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Hello "withoutyou" I have my prayer journals from years. I would buy journals and fill them up with prayers. What I did was purchase a journal book. I like the ones that has a scripture on each page as it gives me a scripture to study. I just write whats on my heart to the Lord. I am thanking him, praising him, lifting people up, praying for the lost. Whatever is on my mind that day, I write. Much like the thread I do here occasionally called "Lord, today I am thankful for..." Either in the front or back of my journals, I create a list of prayer request, write the date of each request. If I have another request sometime down the line, I go back and write it on the list and the date. And as God answers my prayers, I check it off, write "thank You Jesus" beside the answered prayer and the date the request was answered. This increases faith, it encourages you, teaches you to wait on the Lord and not loose hope. As God answers your prayers, you will see some will be answered soon while others take longer. I had a request on my list that took almost 10yrs before God answered. I know that seems like a long time and it was to me but when it came it was right on time. God does not forget our request. We only need to learn to wait on the Lord. I haven't started one lately but I think I will again. I was going through so many journals that I started doing them on my computer. I created a folder and named it "My Prayer Journals" and saved them right in that folder.
I am less than steadfast in keeping my prayer journal, but...

I have a notebook (actually a series of notebooks) that I have with me when I am studying, and when I go to Prayer meetings, Sunday School and Church services.

A section of that notebook is set aside to write down many of my own prayers as well as prayer requests I hear and items brought to my mind by the spirit.

I try to leave a lot of room at the bottom of each page and not try to cram a lot of requests onto one page. In the remaining space I write thoughts that come to mind during prayer for these issues, scripture that may be related, and especially a place for writing down answers to prayer that I have observed. So, I may be revisiting each page many times as I pray over these issues.

Years ago, I kept these notebooks for extended periods. But, during times when I try to simplify my life, I purge many of the old notebooks, and now just I keep my current notebook.
Have been doing a journal for the greater part of 30 years now and so have filled many a journal or notebook. It is fun and helpful to go back and read the previous year's notes and I often do that. But, getting back on track here, I usually do this along with a bible reading plan. Ten years ago we moved to a different city to be closer to family as we are retired folks. So we started up in another church where they had a bible reading plan going. In this I have used a bible in a year plan which has worked very well for me. After I do the readings or during them I write down the scriptures which seem to speak to me or stand out the most or I simply want to remember. Then I pray about them and see how they apply to my daily life and usually jot down any insights I get from that. Then I write down an intention to apply what I have read. And finally I pray for guidance and help in doing so usually write that prayer down. It does take a bit more time than just reading a small section of scriptures daily; but as I have kept up with it I have seen many changes happen, growth in the understanding of the Word, and answers to prayer. Most of all I feel it has brought me closer to the Lord. God is good to guide me when I get into his Word on a daily basis. It helps me to take notes and record my thoughts and prayers


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I have always kept a prayer journal. What I use it for is actual prayers that I write out. The amazing thing about keeping such a journal is to go back and see how God has answered prayers that you yourself may have even forgotten about. When such an event occurs, I also make note of this in my prayer journal. I think it is a wonderful way to build your strength and faith and see the evidence of how God is working in your life.