PRAYER & PRAISE - Psalm 118:28

Precious Father, we shout for JOY to YOU this day, and we worship You with gladness. We come before You Lord with joyful songs in our hearts. We know that You are God and there is no other. You made us and we are Yours, we are Your people, the sheep of Your pasture. We enter Your gates this day with thanksgiving and praise. We give thanks to You and praise Your mighty name. For You are good, O Lord, and Your love endures forever. Your faithfulness continues through all generations. Speak to us today mighty God, in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

You are my God, and I will give you thanks.Psalm 118:28


Read Philippians 2:14. What does it say?

Read Numbers 12:1-9What were Miriam and Aaron doing?

Who heard? (v2)

How did God respond?

Read Numbers 14:26-33Summarize what has happened in the text.

What was the consequence?

Read Joshua 4:1-7 What were the stones to commemorate?

What did the stones serve as? (v6-7)

Summarize Philippians 4:6.

According to this passage of Scripture, how should we pray?

Where there particular Scriptures or statements that spoke to you personally?

Thank You Lord, for Your many promises in the Bible which are ours for the taking. Thank You for Your guidance and wisdom as we learn, and grow into who You created us to be. Help us to always have a thankful heart, even when it seems that nothing is going our way. We love You Lord, Amen.