Prayers for you always in MISSOURI!

Prayers for you always in MISSOURI!

Hello, everyone!

My name is J. C. I'm 25-years-old and I live in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I have a heart for ministry (mainly a ministry of helping/blessing others as much as I can), prayer, prophecy, Bibical counseling (which I like because it lets me help people), fellowship, true worship, blessing Israel, etc. I've grew up in a Christian home, but I have become "luke warm" in the recent years. I simply got lazy and too busy to care about God. I still loved God and believed in Jesus, still went to church and everything, but I let my personal relationship with Him slide. I used to have dreams, visions, prophecies, etc. Now, I am longing for that day when God restores me to where I was before, and takes me even higher. So, that's kind of where I am with my Christian walk today. I'm not a baby Christian, but I feel like it sometimes.

Please bear with me. I'm kind of new to this site. I joined in September 2007, posted once or twice, and then I forgot about this site.

I won't go into all the details, but 2008 has been a really rough year for me, and I've lost every friend I thought I had (even the Christian ones). So, not only has been a rough year, but I've had to face it alone (in terms of earthly friends), but God has always been there. I've dealt with my church splitting up, lost job, etc. That is how I've lost my so-called "friends."

Anyway, last night I was praying to God, asking Him to send me some people that I can fellowship with. God told me to check my E-Mail. I had a letter from the Jeff (the Admin?) wishing everyone on this site a Happy Thanksgiving. I clicked on the link in this E-Mail and found this site again.

I've read some of the newer (and older) posts, and I got so filled with the Holy Spirit just by reading this forum. People here seem to be very loving.

Anyway, I don't what (if anything) God has instore for me with this site. I hope He can use me here to bless others, too!

Even though this has been a hard year for me, one simple fact has not changed: God is good and He has not left me.

One of the things I like to do is pray! I love praying for people, with people, whatever! So, if anyone has any prayer needs, feel free to send me a private message! I am will be praying for everyone on this site! Prayer for everyone in Kansas City!

God bless you all as you all bless God! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for your wonderful testimony and to know that no matter what our God never leaves nor forsakes us and all the trials that we go through are for a reason even though we don't understand at the time . We serve an awesome God .

I am so happy that you have found us again and hope that you will share in the fellowship here and grow in Jesus Christ . This is a very unique site and you will never find another one like CFS.

We are all a family of believers and love to talk and share about what the Lord is doing in our lives and also learn more about the Bible in the Bible Study section.

Please take time to review the forum rules and welcome J. C. .... God bless.

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JC my brother, what a pleasure to see you seeking God . It is obvious that He is drawing you and it is no mistake He sent you here as you will find His love, His kindness and His presence in this place. I look forward to getting to know you.
Many blessings and much love in Christ, your brother Larry.
Hey VictoryInKC,

Welcome to the forums, hope all will go well with what ever you do.



Just dropping off some flowers to welcome you to the board !! I am sure that your going to be blessed over & over again by all the members here !!!