That's what I like sometimes about Smelly's posts...they make you think.

It's like those poems the teacher used to pass out in class...come up with your own interpretations. It was always interesting to see who could figure out the "true" meaning of certain phrases.

To me, this post is saying "A cursed man should pray for himself".

...or something.:D


Really? I wasn't sure how to take it or what to make of it. Mike gets the brain going doesn't he?
What are used children?
Mine all came fresh, straight off the shelves.
I didn't even know you could return them......:rolleyes:

This reminds me of my hubby. Last night he said that he could hardly believe our youngest is turning 2 (today) because it seems like just yesterday that we "bought" him. I gave him a look and said, "we didn't BUY him, we gave birth to him." :rolleyes:

BTW, I wondered what "used children" are also. :confused: I have never liked when any human is referred to as "used." :(
I saw this as all of us being God's children...once we lost our innocence (sp?), we're "used".

Then again...I once got an "F" on a paper because I explained to the teacher that she was wrong...trees aren't green. They're all the colors of the rainbow, I told her, except for green. Green is the only color in the spectrum that they reject and throw back to us, and that's the color that we see.:eek:
ok i will clarify,we know evil circles the earth,because of what jesus says .so if they know there life gets better by prayer,but still follow satan.i think a lot of things in this world when explained will amaze us all.