Preacher's Daughters

I looked up the trailer after reading your thread. My first thought is that if I was a preacher and was struggling with my family, I would stepped down as the preacher. I think that if a preacher was struggling with their family, then surely he would struggle with a church of people, which would be a bit more people to handle then just his family.

I 2006 I got out of nursing home, I was disabled it was a great time in my relationship with the Lord. There were few distractions. My sister visited, while she was there she commented that she liked my TV. We loaded it into her truck and I have not had one since. When I look back at how this event in my life unfolded the Lords time was perfect. I saw the TV going as removing a portal from my life that allowed the world to come in distract me from what was important......Him. I began to read a lot and then I began to write. He gave me a ministry of poetry and short story .........And the ability to recite........I do not want to create the vision of the stage (there have been a few) mostly it is at gas pumps grocery stores banks or where ever He prompts me
By saying this it is not to condemn or say anything about people who watch TV or whether it is good or bad..........It was a season of my life.
I believe God is working on everybody........... we are just in different places