Prepare the way


Prepare the way

The Good News about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begins with
what the prophet Isaiah said would happen. Isaiah wrote:
"Listen! I (God) will send my helper ahead of you. He will
prepare the way for you." "There is a person shouting in the
desert: 'Prepare the way for the Lord. Make his paths

-- Mark 1:1-3 (ERV)

Where does the Gospel actually begin? Where does God's good news
originate? Matthew and Luke begin their accounts of Jesus' life with
the stories surrounding his birth. John begins with the creation of the
world where the Son of God was not only present, but also did the
creating. Mark, with his focus on good news, chooses to begin a
different place. If folks are going to be open to the good news of God,
then someone is going to have to be a servant and prepare the way for
Jesus to come and for his word to be heard. In many ways, the good news
always begins in this place. The real question is whether we are
willing to be used as servants like John the Baptist -- who is
introduced in the next verse -- and prepare the way for Jesus' good
news to be heard by our friends.



Is there room in the inn of our hearts for the Master? That is the real question isn't it Mom? Like John we will burn with zeal once we know a touch from heaven!!!