Principalites Of Procreation

The principalities of procreation

Meaning/initiative is the intent of purpose by reasoning.
Reconciliation is the formation of the meaning's purpose.
Creation is the purpose of the meaning/initiative through the reconciliation formation.
Teaching is for the explanation of the purpose.
Guidance is for the purpose of the teaching.
Choice is for the exception or denial of the purpose.
Destination is the result of the choice.

Principalities of procreation starts with Meaning and finishes with Destination in that exact order not one principal will over ride another.

Meaning/initiative is the purpose that creates the intention by the reasoning between two parties.
Reconciliation is the process of reconciling the intentions of both bodies into one formulation that represents both.
Creation is the new formation from the reconciliation process that represents both bodies (parents)
Teaching becomes the responsibility of the parents and begins with the initiative purpose of the parents. This initiative purpose is reasoned to the child creating the child to reason back (feed back) creating an intentional relationship while the reconciliation process is formulating the given transaction caused by the initiative purpose of the parents.
Guidance is a attribution period for the child as it is growing up to insure the original initiative purpose is understood in its entirety.
Choice is the freedom of will to choose. Will your child choose the path of your initiated purpose or follow their own?
Destination The outcome of choice.

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