Prior to Evangelising: Think about why and how we should do?

'Evangelism is very likely subject to God's plan of each individual and God's right time like all other matters. I have propounded about what is Evangelism and how it best took place by the Holy Spirit.

There is still unanswered area, with some certainty.
Prior to Evangelise others, We, ourselves should be happy in the Christ to remain in the abundance of grace, enables us to go beyond our power, but it should be directed from the scripture we received every worship service to overcome other issues
Because of the specific verse(s) is guiding us our six days according to God's purpose. Also his word is active and living, sharp enough to cut and penetrates to diving soul and spirit.

We belong to heaven, not here we are living, our heart look above things, to be eligible for receiving the holy spirit to be his witness.

Evangelism is likewise invisible Spiritual War against the darkness force: What Satan hate most:

we should be armed first in Ep6, by Prayer- awake in spiritual conscious: often I experienced that he was huge intruder every time I evangelised
However, the Salvation is often misunderstood, as if it is guaranteed once they received, because Jesus paid price, which relates to Capitalism or utilitarian ( more people is better) thats not what bible says,
The focus should be reconciled with God, it is not how we live well in here. No any possible comprise between God and this world ( Gen 3:15) if we believe in God, for the purpose of what I need, what I want to be in very private matters, God knew all before you asked though, but it became very likely to be worship idols that everything we love more than God. it is the one of most afraid of deception of evangelism.
Paul in Ph4: 8, claims his knowledge is doomed to ' rubbish' compare to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Bible warns, at the end, Salvation may be not for all who believe himself is Christians, but it will be a few.

if someone believes or accept Jesus Christ, only for the purpose to fix their own current problems or healing diseases. it is decided to their walk of faith and in case of not fixing problems, nor healing illness, does not mean that God is dead or not exists. God is not your 'Genie' or vending machine. He is a Creator and we are his creature.

We believe Jesus as Christ: he is the only way to go God,( Jn 14:6) and through Jesus sets us free from the law of death and sin to the law of life ( Rom8:2) as well as He is the one who destroy devil's work ( 1Jn3:8). - all together completed on the cross ( jn 19:30)

So every matters in salvation is subjected to God's plan; we can not change it: it is God's sovereignty.

However if we are seeking for things above not worldly things ( Build up bigger church, preached many people, sermon about how to be successful in this world) because what bible says it is the way becoming enemy of God

We should remember this is God's business that should be done by his purpose and we are the tool for Him for the fulfilment of his words.
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Amen, sister! We must be willing and ready to evangelize at all times but not all will be ready to receive or transition. We should be a Bible because we may be all the Bible some may ever read. A magnet is not powerful because of its declaration of power but by its own power it is subject and conveyed by and to the principles of physics. We, likewise, convey God's power by living by the principles of His truth. People see.