Pro 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understa

Our problems as a Nation began by having a greater love for our material blessings, than the G-d and Creator which provided all of our blessings. And then soon progressed with a minority of atheist and agnostics wanting G-d out of our schools, and with that accomplished next wanted Him out of our government, and at last even the public square at large. (Deu.31:16-20). While we which G-d called to be His Paul Revere’s, to sound the alarm when an enemy was about to launch an assault upon our freedoms, became no more than a silent passive majority of spectators, waiting and watching to see what our enemy Satan might accomplish next. Wherein our silence in the face of evil, became as its consenting partner. None but Satan had the wisdom to see, that if G-d was removed from our society, that His blessings would also depart from us as well. (Hos. 5:15).

Most of us have seen what our society is become since G-d was asked to leave, and I have yet to speak with a Christian or Patriot which approves of the way things now are. But can we not understand that nothing is going to change for the better, until we have repaired our Nation’s breach with G-d? (Jer.2:19). We the conservative Christian majority have first got to subdue our Nation’s moral decay by nipping it in the bud, but this is not going to happen by being apathetic. As long as we allow the corruption and immorality to pollute our Nation, we are never going to come out of our downward spiral to self destruction. Now someone is sure to say, “we will replace our representatives in government with people that will listen to our will, and do as we want them to do.” Is this not what we have been trying to do for the past eighty years? O-yes, and we found one G-dly man during that eighty year process in, Ronald .Reagan.

My friends, until we get right with G-d and start cleaning up the perversion, corruption, and filth out of our society, nothing is going to get any better. If we are to survive as a Nation we are going to have to acknowledge our mistakes and failures, and the fact that we are never going to find the right leader or committee of leaders to accomplish that, which only our G-d and Creator can do. (2 Ch. 7:14). Amen!

Yeshua friend. Shalom!

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