Problem With This Forum.

Hi. Could someone check out some threads that I have been posting on lately please as they seem to have 'disappeared'?

One was my first thread "Can a mixed belief family work" and I can't seem to find it since about 12 hours ago?
No. This is the first time I have run into this.

I'll keep looking into what happened.
I've noticed that some other posts are missing as well. Danacovet68 posted What did our Lord mean by hate and someone named Daniel (I don't remember his last name) posted about the school system, government, etc. Are they missing too or are they deleted and if so why? The last one I notice missing by Zelophehad probably is so because it was reported by someone. Although I fully understand your not wanting both the negative things about God said and the negative interaction on your site, I think it is important to remember that millions of people will be in hell because the same frustration that is within Zelophehad and the yearning for an answer to the questions he apparently had, but didn't ask will cause them to never understand God's love and purpose. Is there a way I can contact Zelophehad. Even if he was angry, the believers should be responding with love for the best defense for God is love. The angry responses just served to prove Zelophehad's point to himself. I would like to see Zelophehad get a valid answer.