programming bible software

programming bible software

hello everybody,

i was wondering if anybody knew a good bible database or even a text version of the bible that i could easily parse in writing a program. i need to use it in writing a verse look up program that i am integrating with some other software. the end result would be to look up a verse quickly and have it automatically added to a power point slide to be displayed. we do praise and worship every thursday night and often will put stuff up on the screen on the fly. thus, it is important to have tools that make it easy for my friend to look things up and add them to a powerpoint slide in a hurry. thanks.


The two programs I've been studying and researching intensively are Logo's Bible Software 3 found at www dot logos dot com or Biblesoft PC study bible 5 found at www do biblesoft dot com. However as you will see in my post above I'm having a hard time discerning which one to purchase.

Hope this helps.



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thats cool. this is a great community from what i have found. get to posting :) i wasn't looking to buy bible software, but rather to write my own. i am a computer science major, but i wasn't too keen on typing out the entire bible for myself. that is a lot of words. i since then have found a text version of the bible which i have to re-find since my laptop just died along with the text version i had downloaded. been busy with school though, so this project got shelved for a bit.