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I have always wondered how individuals build up such big social networks, with thousands or millions of people. Through researching for a couple months i have finally found the solution i been looking for.
I'll try to keep things short and to the point.
Basically, i have found 3 website. All basically the same. The all use a "points" system.
You first type in what you want to get. (like posting your website url, facebook page url, twitter username, youtube channel, etc.)
To get points you do the same things to others. You subscribe to them, follow them, like there page, etc. You get the point.
So with the points you get, you spend them on your own websites, pages, accounts. You can set how many points to give others when they follow you or subscribe or like your page.
It's very easy to understand once you start working with it.

Here are the 3 BEST websites i have found, there are others like them but these are definitely the BEST! (The website links are shortened with google url, its a very nice url shorten-er if you need one)

Site 1:
Site 2:
Site 3:
(If you would like my ref link, then i'll post them in the comments, or message me for them:) i would really appreciate that)

If you need any help, feel free to ask! One hint, i would create an account on all 3 sites, you get triple the amount of traffic!
God Bless!