Prophecy Happening

Lol my sister, it has been happening for a millennium , why the devil has been using strategic tailored to each person thoughts.
Since the Garden of Eden. Lol.

I think nowadays the people being manipulated by enemy seem to be used in an more 'open' environment, which ultimately has led the world to accept such foolishness.
Since the Garden of Eden. Lol.

I think nowadays the people being manipulated by enemy seem to be used in an more 'open' environment, which ultimately has led the world to accept such foolishness.
Wait until I can get back to that thread I started. Exposing some truth for sure. To tired to deal with it now. 2 days of maybe 5 hours sleep and maybe 2 hours last night.
The same subliminal programming used against Adam and Eve is the same programming today and people have still not catched on today, but then again their lost and depraved so its no surprise.

This is truthful and not quite complete. It's Not Just the lost that the enemy is leading around through thoughts and feelings and things seen.

Over the weekend I am going to get this series of mine on this topic back on track here

The times and Prophecies and such are Brother Abdicate specialty and fighting the good fight of faith and the truth about the way our enemy operates is mine.

We all have our area's and I know our brother Abdicate does put in the long hours of time into his studies and it shows. (y) such as I do in mine.

So God Bless us all and may we keep that hunger alive and burning to grow in the things of God.

I've read the stories, but prefer to not watch the videos. They all seem to be the same - Hollywood knock-offs.

Although the letters and gospels of the New Covenant relate interaction between humans and debauched spirits of every sort, it is not a certification that we ought to attempt the same thing. Here's why;

"Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather." - Jesus as quoted in Mathew 24:28

The above is figurative language. The carcass reference is to a person dead to righteousness and the reference to vultures or eagles is a representation of demonic activity. Vultures and eagles are carrion birds that eat just about anything lying around. While an eagle can also hunt live meat it will not do so if it sees a dead body to eat.

The Bible is very explicit when it states that humans are not spiritually autonomous.

Adam and his progeny were created to be the lords of nature, while the Master of the Universe retains His role as the lord of history. Not for nothing is Jesus called the Lord of Lords. This title recognizes the Lordship of Jesus over the lives of man and the progress of human civilization on this planet. It means that humans are not spiritually autonomous. We do not have the power to rule other spirits or even our own. We are called to rely upon Christ, who is our guide and protector and ruler and God.

When people attempt to exorcise demons they generally fail to recognize why the demons are present in the first place. As the scripture states, the victim is generally dead to righteousness and in one or more ways either caught up in sin or a victim of it. With the possible exception of children, the presence of demonic oppression, obsession, or possession is usually due to overt or closet sin. Jesus advised that although it may be possible to exorcise a demon it's not always advisable to do so. (Matt 12:45 & Luke 11:26) Exorcism is not a game. It is extremely dangerous both for the person who thinks they can do it (Acts 19:16) and the ones who are suffering from it.


One of the consequences of sin is demonic oppression, possession or obsession. The difference between these conditions is razor thin. It is a thing to be avoided in any form it takes. The post modern church has been blanketed with self-improvement sermons and books for years. Most congregations have been deluded to accept the notion that mankind is able to control spirits by means of incantations, ceremonies, buzz words and slogans. Demons laugh at these feeble attempts at control. It is sin in the life of the victim that attracts and keeps the foul spirits in control and no application of humanistic words and actions can remove them. None whatsoever.

The only way to permanently remove the power of sin is by humbly coming to the cross and repenting of the sin that is so closely embraced by the victim. Salvation in the form of the second birth must be wanted and asked for and accepted. Only the blood of the lamb can remove demonic influence. Only a soul deep dedication to repent of sin will be respected by God and satan alike. Only salvation in the name of Jesus can guarantee spiritual liberty.

Exorcism is not a game. Neither is the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can save from demons. Anybody who thinks they've got some power that can be used and still allow the victim to sin is believing a lie.

and that's me, hollering from the choir loft...