Prophet "maria Divine Mercy." And The Book Of Truth.

I have come across Maria Divine Mercy a few years ago. She is a European visionary and seer who started receiving messages in 2010. She is a married woman and mother of a young family living in Europe. The messages she writes and recieves daily is called "The Book of Truth" which was prophecised in Daniel 10:21. And a description was given in Daniel 12. About the daily sacrifices being abolished. He was then told to seal it up untill the end. This is also predicted in revelation. The angel with the small scroll. Bits and pieces of revelation have been explained in the messages, and we are told further explination will be given. What's fasinating about these messages is some of the prophecy that was predicted in advance happened. For example.

My poor Holy vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, will be ousted from the Holy See in Rome.
Message recieved Saturday, February 11th, 2012 @ 11:30

A year later pope benedict announces his resign on Feb. 11th 2013 he "officially" resigns on the 28th.

There are other prophecies that came true that you can find in a video on the site. Also there is an interview that was taken by her in 2012 I believe that you can find on youtube.

You can read the messages on
Also there are facebook groups you can join too.
Without waisting a whole lot of time chasing silly myths, just consider the fact that "ousted" is diametrically opposed to resigned.
If the Pope had been "ousted", he would have been accelerated out the Vatican door by a swiftly moving boot applied to the seat of his pants. As it was, he gracefully departed by means of a dignified resignation.

Be very careful about these self styled latter day prophets.....they are neither the holders nor the writers nor the subjects of the book of truth. They are false, they have no part in the Lamb's book of life.