Proverbs 21:13-21

Think About it: Why does Scripture exhort us to be generous and caring toward the poor? Be careful not to take v. 14 out of the immediate and greater context; this is not a blanket endorsement of bribes. As v. 15 states, justice brings true joy for the righteous. Why are vv. 16-17 true? What does v. 19 have to do with wisdom?What is v. 20 commanding us to do? Why do righteousness and life go together?

PrayerPoint: Pray for our Faith Share Team and for our Kingdom Ops Team. Both minister to the needy in a gospel focused manner. Ask God to help you find the truest and greatest pleasure in him, rather than alcohol, drugs, or worldly things. Pray for our church’s young people to be wise in their choices of relationships and mates. 21:13-21&version=NIV