First of all I am so thankful for this Forum. It is so great to have a Christian Forum to share my thoughts and feelings. The Lord has really been calling to me to help young women. Most recently I got my application to volunteer at a local Teen Crisis Pregnancy center. There is a Pledge I must sign which includes: " I believe in chastity outside of marriage and in the sancity of marriage as taught in the Bible. Therefore , I commit to a lifestyle of sexual purity. I have heard the voice.. and here is my answer:


Oh Lord, I hear you
I hear you calling
You were there
As Satan tried to get in
To ruin the plans you had for me

You spoke
Loud and clear
Dear daughter
My path for you is Purity

I sat by the fire last night
Crying out in pain
Seeing, feeling and hearing
You calling me

I have prayed
I have read
Your word
I can now so plainly see
It is Purity

I have told you in so many
Late night conversations
Use me, oh Dear Lord use me
Take my brokenness
Heal others through me

You are whispering to me
Dear Daughter

You are an awesome one
The one who I give all honor and glory to
Every morning, every night
Every minute that is filled with delight
And even those times
When the waves are crashing against me
You are saying

I heard driving down the highway
It is not to late
To put aside my will
I can live in your will
At this very moment
I can have it
I can have it all

I heard you today
Trust me
Trust me with your Purity
I will protect you
As I am there every minute
Dancing above you
Watching you through your eyes

Your word says I have always loved you
Follow me with obedience
Give me your Purity

Open that heart of yours
Let me renew that heart
Let me clean you
My son’s blood was shed for you

I hear you Lord
I am ready
For that Purity

As I write tonight
I hear the song playing
“Whatever I got to be
I will be for you”

The time has come
I am ready dear Lord
I give you my Pledge of Purity

You wiped away my past slate
And for that I am thankful
I shall mark this date
In an awesome way
Your way!

January 20, 2008