Put on the covenant of liberty .

Michael Collum

Put on the covenant of liberty .

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.(Galatians 5:1)

Galatians 4:16-31

16Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

17Those people are zealous to win you over, but for no good. What they want is to alienate you from us, so that you may be zealous for them. 18It is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good, and to be so always and not just when I am with you. 19My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you, 20how I wish I could be with you now and change my tone, because I am perplexed about you!

21Tell me, you who want to be under the law, are you not aware of what the law says?
Paul seems to be in pain because the people there are wanting to be lead by the scriptures . and because Christ is not fully formed in them yet . It appears until Christ is formed in someone . all that will make sense to them is the law . and they are in danger of falling from grace and back into slavery as stated earlier in this letter .

22For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the slave woman and the other by the free woman. 23His son by the slave woman was born in the ordinary way; but his son by the free woman was born as the result of a promise. 24These things may be taken figuratively, for the women represent two covenants. One covenant is from Mount Sinai and bears children who are to be slaves: This is Hagar. 25Now Hagar stands for Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present city of Jerusalem, because she is in slavery with her children. 26But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.
So in context of this dialogue, Sarah is the new covenant . and Hagar is the old covenant .

27For it is written:
"Be glad, O barren woman,
who bears no children;
break forth and cry aloud,
you who have no labor pains;
because more are the children of the desolate woman
than of her who has a husband."
28Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise. 29At that time the son born in the ordinary way persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now. 30But what does the Scripture say? "Get rid of the slave woman and her son, for the slave woman's son will never share in the inheritance with the free woman's son." 31Therefore, brothers, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.
Many are those who are born to the slave woman thinking they are free in Christ . but narrow is the path and small is the gate that leads to life .. and few find it .

The New covenant replaced the Old covenant . we are not children born of carnal descent but of the Spirit . and as Sarah said get rid of the slave woman . we are to get rid of the slave covenant . and put on the covenant by which we are children and friends of God through trusting Jesus Christ .