Put That Rock Back Where You Found It!

Put That Rock Back Where You Found It!

We have a tendency to judge others based simply on what WE believe is right. Minister Jeff Fannell points out in this clip from the sermon, Put That Rock Back Where You Found It, that we must be careful not to throw stones, lest we find them being thrown back at us. To receive this sermon on DVD for FREE or for more info on the ministry, visit On Good Ground International Ministries For Distributed by Tubemogul.
Amen. It is so easy to cast those stones and to forget all the faults we have ourselves, and when we sit back and think, we never have any reason to judge others, we all have but one judge and that is the LORD thy GOD.

Good Post!
This is sooo true, and it is something we need to be reminded of often.

I love Pastor Fannell's sermons. Please let him know how much we appreciate him for them, and you for posting them.

Blessings, Cheri:)