Quaker-type meetings

Wow they stopped disputing and listened to Peter.

It actually says 'Then all the multitude kept silence' ...And 'they held their peace'

A Quaker thing to do! Well actually something everyone should do.

There are all different types of Quakers, liberal, conservative, just as there are different types of Christians in denoms. I would venture in any given church you will come across unbelievers!

In Quaker meetings, if you have something to say, people stay silent and listen. It's just a matter of respect.

there's no 'vote' taken. I don't know what happens in all other churches but I do remember some of their AGMs being like club meetings where people say aye or yea and nay and there's lots of arguing and ballots and stuff, minutes are taken, and in general, the loudest people get the most say and their friends vote for them, and they get seconded and moved plus all this drama....
That is my point exactly! A meeting of Christians is not necessarily a Christian meeting in the sense that it is not necessarily a meeting in which the members "discern the Body" (in Paul's words 1Cor. 11:29) i.e. function as organs of the corporate Body of Christ. Voting and arguing is the way the kingdom of Caesar conducts itself these days and it is a pity that this has been absorbed into the Kingdom of God. One day, I hope, pray and indeed believe, it will be the kingdom of Caesar that transforms into the Kingdom of God and it will be "natural" to conduct meetings (any meetings) along "Quaker" lines as it now seems to conduct them along the lines of Caesar!