Question 4 our Canadian Members.



I am looking for some good reliable information on your waterways.

I know there is a lot of good travel and destinations through the St. Lawrence Sea way.
Many connecting rivers and bays and lakes.

I know the Trent Severn Waterway is also Amazing and connects with many other amazing areas.

The same in BC with the rivers and bays.

My question is with all your awesome locks , is it possible to sail, motor from Eastern Canada to Western Canada?

If so then with an average draft of 3 to 7 foot?
Another words a vessel that takes that much depth to stay afloat and not aground.

Any links or info will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
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I don't think our waterways are connected east to west in the manner that you are hoping for. In fact, when early explorers tried to make their way east to west, a lot of it involved portaging (carrying your canoe on your back and hiking for miles to the next major body of water). If it were possible, it certainly would be very cool. One thing I am completely unfamiliar about, however, is waterways way, way up north - like Arctic up north. I could be completely wrong, but the only thing that we have that comes close to connecting east to west is that we are trying to develop a hiking trail, but it has not been completed either and isn't expected to for quite a while since it involves private donations, and a lot of purchasing of private land.

The one country I have lived in where it is has a whole culture that lives on the water and makes its way by boat from one end to the other is Holland. I've lived on family boats there and it is awesome. They even have boats that meet you and have dentists, doctors and little shopping centers aboard. Holland being below sea level is all locks, so it is a feasible way to transport many things from one end of the country to the other using sea craft.