Question about christianity.



Question about christianity.

Is this true that some people say that once your saved your always saved?


That depends on how you define, "Once Saved, Always Saved". I suggest you prayerfully read some of the passages that talk salvation and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to understanding. - PassageLookup: John 10:27-30

To me, Once Saved Always Saved, means God knows whether we are sincerely repentant or not. If someone says this and does that, but their heart is not right, God is not fooled. - PassageLookup: Matthew 7:21

Once Saved, Always Saved is not a "get out of hell for free" card.

My personal understanding of OSAS
I do not believe our salvation changes from moment to moment as we do goods deeds and give in to temptation.
I believe the Scriptures state clearly that once we are saved, a spiritual change takes place within us and we cannot lose our salvation.

So, while someone may say the right words and begin to do the right things, this does not guarantee his/her salvation. This person may have heard the Good News and readily said, "Yes." But when he/she finds there is a price that goes along with following Jesus, he/she turns away. I say that person was never really saved: - PassageLookup: Hebrews 6:4-8

Rather the person is saved when he/ she is transformed by God.

Here are two chapters that might help you with understanding how people may appear to be saved, but their hearts are revealed when confronted with the truth.
Matthew 19
USCCB - NAB - Matthew 19
USCCB - NAB - John 6

The question seems to be, Were these people saved up until the time they realized they didn't want to believe all that Jesus said? OR Were they never saved to begin with because God knew they did/would not accept it?

That's what I believe. Many are called but few are chosen. We can't save ourselves, salvation is from the Lord. also Ephesians 2:8-10. May God bless you in Christ Jesus.