I've been a Christian pretty much all of my life. I went to a non-denominational Christian school kindergarten through 8th grade and am currently a Senior at a Catholic high school. I was always pretty strong in my faith, but feel that lately my views have been changing. I have grown tired of the arguing factions of the Church (referring to all believers collectively) and churches forcing beliefs down my throat. In addition, I have a problem with the idea that one would have to believe in the Christian God AND believe that Jesus died for us (etc.) to go to heaven. I truly think that a God as loving and forgiving as that claimed by Christians and the Bible would never require us to choose a religion and hope we pick the right one. I couldn't even see a merciful God denying an atheist or agnostic entrance into heaven solely based on the reason that they chose not to believe in a God whose existence is impossible to prove. I could however imagine a God judging people based solely on goodness.
So, I've decided to convert to Pastafarianism (with a bit of Agnosticism and Bokononism thrown in). And this brings me to my question. Will I go to heaven? I'm more moral than almost all of my Christian friends and actually follow Christian ideals better than they do. But will my conversion away from Christianity deny my entrance into heaven?

Thanks for your time,