Oct 8, 2007

I have been a Christian my whole life, but I am just now beginning to read the Bible. I have only gotten to about chapter 20 and I already have so many questions. First of all, why did people live to be so old in the Bible? Isn't that genetically impossible? Second, how did Cain get his wife? And thirdly, how did Noah's family reproduce after the flood? Wouldn't that be incest? And seeing as they were all closely related, how did they manage to escape retardation? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Ok, you may want to read up on creation science- the atmospheric condtions were different- almost no gamma penetration and sin hadn't had time to corrupt man's genetic material. Even some secular scientists today say there is no reason a human body couldn't conceivably live 1000 years.The bible does not say that God did not create more humans but is only specific about Adam and Eve.Noah and his family were not exposed to the millenia of corruption that later human dna was damaged by- besides all those things- there is faith in the Almighty hand of the Living God- He is more than able to produce healthy offspring and could conceivably make more humans out of the dirt that we came from if that were His will.
Blessings, brother Larry
Sep 19, 2007
Gridley Ca.
I -think- (keyword there) that Noah's sons were already married. So any repopulation after they had children would be between cousins perhaps. While still incestial, I think they were given a bit of leeway to repopulate the human race, and since it was only them the possibilities of retardation and other adverse affects of a small gene pool were put off untill the population was once again large. God would have recognized those needs.