Quick Small Testimony - When God Surprises You

Hi All.

Just a quick small but very meaningful testimony I thought I might share.

Recently, I felt in my walk with God I had to review my movie collection - you know.

So I went through loads of movies, bagged them and gave them away. I was meticulous to obey as much as possible - perhaps even a bit too much.

Well, just prowling on the web and watching a couple of YouTube videos, I was lamenting my loss of Transformers (my 3 CD Box set). And I was deeply though not so openly pained.

Well what do you know, over the weekend I am sitting there watching TV and lightly gazing at the remaining collection and then something sticks out. So I go closer, only to discover that my Transformers box set did not disappear! It survived the saga of the movie cleanse!

It was there. I don't know, to me it just showed me that God really knows what's at the centre of our hearts, even if we don't voice it. He respects you as a person too!

I celebrated by watching Revenge of the Fallen!

Gotta luv them robots.

PS. I've been watching transformers since about age 7. The renewed, special effect, etc etc is a shinning diamond amongst my most loved action sci-fi movies.

great day all.