Random Question Game

I like me a good ole Shirley Temple, especially when it's hot enough outside to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Don't forget the cherry! And can you sneak an extra one on? I'll pay double!:p

What's the wildest adventure you ever had?
What's the wildest adventure you ever had?

I’d have to say when I was in Spain or Italy. I don’t remember which one, I was drinking back then. :eek:
I was in the Marine Corp. Me and a couple of the guys got on a bus just to take a ride. All of a sudden, the bus driver stopped the bus and said that was the last stop for the night. We had to get off. We were the only ones left on the bus. The driver knew enough English to point us in the direction of the ships. We started walking. It was a very rough looking part of town. A lot of graffiti of swastikas, and sickle and hammers, and it was getting dark. We didn’t know if we were going to make it back alive for a while.

That’s about it.

When’s the last time you had a root beer float?
Sooo long ago Man. I need one. It's just that ice cream and soda were two things that I gave up. It's been so long since I've had either one, that they don't even sound good anymore. And I'm going to keep that going as long as I can. It's a mjor accompishment, because I was really addicted to both.

What's the most exciting thing you're doing this summer?
Yes, sometimes in monochromatic, like all green. All one shade of green, too, not a variety. (weird, I know) Most times, the backdrop is black, like in a theater.

Who is your favorite author?
It's a toss-up. I like King's older stuff, but he got weirder and weirder - and come to find out that he wrote some of his best stuff when he was drunk.:( I also like Dean Koontz - his writing's a little more polite and cheesy than King's, but he's consistent (except with Odd Thomas) and his characters are believable and you miss them when the story's over.

What led you to this form? Or do you remember why you looked for it?
I put the name of the forum I've been a member with, for the last 4 years "Christian Forums", into my Google search engine. Because they went through a major server overhaul and my old link no longer worked. ... This site has the same name, ironically. So, I clicked on it, read a little bit. And thought, I should join. It's always nice to have a back up site to post to anyway. ... Here's a link if you want to check my story. Christian Forums ;) or Christian Forums - View Profile: ~Wisdom Seeker~ for my profile there.

Do you live currently in the same state that you were born?
Wisdom Seeker said:
Do you live currently in the same state that you were born?
Yep. And almost the same city. I will be giving birth to my last child in the city where I was born. (This may not seem strange for most people, but it is for my life.)

Have you ever thought it would be fun to be a mascot, or were you ever one, and if you could be one, which mascot would you be? (Sorry for the compound random question. :p )
No, I never thought it would be fun to be a mascot. No, I never was a mascot. I'm sorry but the idea of being a mascot doesn't appeal to me in any way, shape or form.

Did you play team sport in school, and if so, what?
OH, no! I was a band geek! You didnt want ME playing! I'd go down the wrong side of the field/court and score for the other team!:confused:

What do you like to do to cool off when it gets really hot?
Fluffy said:

What do you like to do to cool off when it gets really hot?
And it IS hot in Texas these days, isn't it? :p This 100 degree weather is killing me! To cool off in this house I moved into, I like to stand directly over one of the floor vents and let the air blow straight up on me while I drink a nice glass of iced tea!

Do you ever pantomime? :D
Invisability. :) ...I'm really shy. And a lot of times, knowing that I'm going to be seen, inhibits me from doing things I want to do. If nobody could see me, I would be free.

Are you shy?
I used to be painfully shy. But I have outgrown most of it. It depends upon the situation as to whether I get social or not. I really dont like large crowds and have a tendency to fade into it, if possible.

Do you have any pets?
Yeah, couple cats, bird, fish pond outside, and fish tank inside. It's alot of animals for just 3 people living here. I only like one cat + the fish really though.. the rest can go.

Lay down in a cool, dark room. Put a wet wash cloth over your eyes and try to relax. Dont move too much.
Dont have migraines myself, but this is what I heard helps.

Do you like tapioca pudding?