Random Thoughts-40

Most of us have fire extinguishers at homes. At least that's the norm in the place that I stay in the Middle East now. Looking at the fire extinguisher attached to the kitchen wall this morning, I wondered how the thing worked, so I took a closer look. There were instructions for using it; they were simple. In case of a fire, remove the pin at the top, point the nozzle at the base of the fire and press the lever to release the gas to extinguish the flames.The thought that crossed my mind was that the thing had been there for a long time but I had cared not to read how it could be used. Why wait for an emergency and then read the instructions when there may be very little time.
It's the same with some Christians. They have their Bibles at home, kept neatly somewhere, but they care not to open it, nor read or meditate on it. Of course they give it some importance on Sundays; a few don't bother about it then too.
But for them who read, meditate and live it, it is life giving and much more; even an extinguisher of fires started by the enemy of their souls.