Read 2 Samuel 18:1-19:10

TAI: After resupplying his company, David realized it was time to confront Absalom. So he divided his men into thirds and prepared for battle. What wise advice did David receive from his commanders (18:3)? What were David’s instructions in dealing with Absalom (18:5)? During the battle, one of David’s soldiers finds Absalom trapped hanging from a tree. What answer did he give Joab for not killing Absalom (18:12)? Did Joab obey orders? What was David’s reaction at the news of Absalom’s death (18:33)? David the father forgot that he was also David the king. How did the people react to David’s lack of leadership (19:2-3)? What was Joab’s criticism of David’s response (19:5-7)?

PP: Thank God for the leaders he has placed in authority over us. Pray for our FBF Pastors and their families. Ask God to give them the courage to lead us with wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit.
QUESTION #1: "You must not go out; if we are forced to flee, they won't care about us. Even if half of us die, they won't care; but you are worth ten thousand of us. It would be better now for you to give us support from the city."
their chief argument is that David would be of more use if, posted with a body of troops at the city, he held himself in reserve to succor any division that might be in danger. And David, seeing how earnest their wish was, yielded to this representation, feeling that it would give steadiness to his men if they knew that so experienced a general was watching the fight, and was ready to succor them if they needed aid. As the people say that it would not matter "if half of us die,