Reading the signs of Christ's death.

Apr 11, 2014
In another thread there was a mention, by a prominent scholar, of Jesus' body not being broken.
Of course scripture states Jesus' bones were not broken. Obviously, though, His skin and flesh were broken, even pieces of flesh ripped from His back. In this way one can say His body was broken.
In contemplating this, the bone structure could be viewed as His foundation, never broken. But the body, flesh, signifying the Church, was broken many times throughout history. When His body died, the payment was made for us and redemption was possible. What does His body, the Church, dying signify? Must the Church die to bring about the last days? Is the 7 year tribulation a picture of Christ going to Hades after His death to preach to those who are there? After which, He came back to show Himself to the disciples, signifying His coming back after the tribulation. This would reveal the restrainer of 2 Thess. as the Holy Spirit quickened by the Body, Church.