Reading the stories/verses & + Trying to REMEMBER them!!!

Reading the stories/verses & + Trying to REMEMBER them!!!

So I've been struggling with this question in my head.

How much does it take for one to read and memorize where it had come from?
I try and read my bible and every once in a while try and remember what I had read a few days later, I mean its easy when you JUST get done reading something, but afterward you might have to go back.

I mean, I know that Jesus healed the sick girl, dead men rose, blind men could see, and lame men could walk; and that he turned water into wine; and I heard about the men in the cave and they believed & that's only how they were able to survive the lions - but I don't know the names of these people.

All I can think of doing which would be best for me is to go back and keep on rereading til it gets stuck in my head and I at least know what book it's from.

But it was just a question that I had.
Feel free to leave any advice, or something that you do, or even a question of your own; or really anything..


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I keep a prayer diary and in it i also write down anything that i read and want to commit to memory, i find just writing it down helps it to stick.
Is that something that might help you?
I'm not sure.... but it might :)
I'll have to clean up my room first, find a place for EVERYTHING and start getting more tidy with my Bible, too.. haha.
There is no substitute for reading the Bible often. Reading frequently helps you to develop an overview and, by repetition, builds a framework in your mind, which becomes more complete and coherent the more you read. Also, if you happen to think of a verse or story, look it up the first chance you get, taking note of where it is and in what context it appears. It's like anything else, the more you practice, the more skilled you become. I like to read while I eat, so I sometimes just keep the Bible on the table and try not to slop food on it while I read.


Every one needs to develope their own way of study and what I do might not be the way you do . We can all make suggestions but in the end , if you ask the Holy Spirit to show you , lead you guide you , He is sure to help .

What Rumely said about when you a verse comes to your mind ... look it up cause the Holy Spirit is prompting you .

I also like to keep a Journal and write down the thoughts that the Holy Spirit gives me and also verses as I am reading that seem to jump off the page. That is again the Holy Spirit directing.

Even if you have a daily devotional , you can dwell on those thoughts and expand on them for inspiration .

God Bless .
Don't be discouraged. You may be like me, and tend to look through layers instead of right at a simple target.

A couple of quick questions, and I may be able to help you.

1. Which translation of the Bible are you reading?
2. Are you trying to read while there are distractions or maybe a time of day when you haven't slowed down yet?

Father, I am standing in the gap for Your Cowgirl. Thank you for being so gracious as to do for us what we cannot do ourselves. I ask that you give Cowgirl a clear picture of what might be blocking her from remembering Your scriptures. Help her to find peace and not be anxious. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

Michael Collum

I find a good way to remember the names is to get some dictionary that tells you what the name means . quite often if you associate the name meaning with the story of that character, it is very appropriate . and very story teller .