Red Cross worker set to be hanged after converting to Christianity

We have been reading about this in our Sunday School class. Very sad, and so horrible that this stuff is being allowed to happen with so little impact on people.
I know it is against the rules to let these spin politically, but let me say this: It is the inability for politicians to do the hard work. Leadership is being able to make the right decisions and not worry if you anger a handful of voters. Then the media does not show the true face of radical Islam. Why? Because they are all politically correct cowards. Some of this is our fault, because we as Christians sat back and let these fools take God and Jesus out of the public square. Now a perverted religion is gaining power and is becoming a force that we will have to face on a global scale with arms once again. All because our nations have turned from God. And the lack of faith in God has made weak.

God sent Europe Charles Martel to save Gaul (France) and Christendom from the Islamic Moors in 708 AD. I am not so sure that God will be so generous with us this time. Too many have turned their backs on God. An Islamic chaplain here at the college once told me that Muslims believe the great prophets were Moses who gave us God's Law, Jesus who showed us His Love and Mohammad, who showed us His wrath. We are revisiting this again and it is our fault.