I was just sitting reflecting upon the cross and what it means to me and thinking yes we always focus on the ultimate suffering the Christ went through for us and that is rightly justified but was thinking of our Heavenly Father and what He must have felt .

I just wanted to look beyond Christ's Sacrifice and our Father after He turned His eyes away because He could not stand to see His Son suffer and then after that His Joy to receive His only Son back into heaven

The hosts of angels must have been singing praises . All of heaven must have burst into song - Jesus Christ was exonerated as He fullfilled His Father's will to die for humanity - to be our Salvation.

I iimagaine the triumphal , jubulant return of Jesus to Heaven as His Father gives Him the ultimate priviledge to sit at His right hand.
Oh, you missed the L In Reflecting.

I can only imagine the praises of heaven on that day. It must have shook the heavens. I do know that the earth had an earthquake and bodies raised from the dead on that day.
I iimagaine the triumphal , jubulant return of Jesus to Heaven as His Father gives Him the ultimate priviledge to sit at His right hand.

The joy any of us has is actually the joy Jesus had; far above all others, spoken of by David

Psalm 45:7
You love righteousness, uprightness, and right standing with God and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness above Your fellows.
Hey Good job ... eh???

But do you forgive me , Dean ..... ha ha Nice to see you back . Yougotta tell what ya been up ta.

It’s always nice to have someone like you pick on me.
What have I been up to?

Always a battle going on it seems. Don’t worry, satan isn’t winning. It may seem like he is at times and he may think he is… but he isn’t and never will.

I’m still going to my meetings, (and campouts now that it’s warm), trying to let people know that it’s ALL God. I even let people know that God works through people who don’t believe in him. One night someone picked the topic of “Religion and Spirituality… How do you apply one, the other or both to your life and/or program”

One guy who is new to the area started talking about how he grew up in a born again home. He said he remembers laying hands on people when he was just a kid. He has seen people get healed when he was a child. Satan, (the thief) stole that from him in his addiction. I hope I can help him get it back. He doesn’t like talking about God now, but I believe that will change soon.

I’m surrounded by unbelievers all the time, so it’s a battle for me. I get tired and wore out a lot. I gotta keep going though. One thing I’ve noticed that is going on is I get interrupted a lot. I’m quite certain that satan doesn’t want people to hear what I have to say. That is going to be my main focus now… to shut satan up instead of him shutting me up.

Other than that, I’ve also been enjoying some time on the bike. I joined the Patriot Guard Riders as well and am standing in flag lines for funerals and welcome home missions for veterans. Only a few though as I am so busy doing other things. Our big Patriot Ride is this Saturday. I’m looking forward to that.

Ok everyone……… keep the line moving……… back on topic now. :read:
Cool .... Thanks for that Dean

Hmmm .... Interesting to think that God must have placed you there for a reason. We must consider some of the men in the Bible that went through so much for the gospel , like Job and David and it was all for the purpose of ministering to us so that we could minsiter to others as isn't that our mandate . .

God prepares us when we are having rough times because He is actually preparing us to help friends " down the road who may need our support , help and encouragement . God wants us to minister to others so that we may be a blessing in their lives and it also strengthens our faith as well in the process .

When we persever and are serving the Lord that is the time when satan wants to bring us down and attack us . But You and I know that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world .

I think you are seeing satans attack for what it is and recognizing that he is already defeated and just remind him of his destiny . He is a defeated enemy who tries all the tactics in the world . But when we say in the Name of Jesus , he has to flee. He is a lier , an accuser , a cheat and we need to recognize where all this as Christians comes from and that we are not fighting against flesh and blood . Put on the whole armour of God and I know that you know that ... Eph. 6 :10 -17

By recognizing our enemies stragegies and knowing what he is up to we can for sure be overcomers becuse we have Christ on our side and the Sword of the Spirit . .... The Holy Bible .

Be blessed Dean . Glad to hear from you and that you are doing well .