So basically there are 3 categories: God, Others, and Self

God specifically designed Creation to where we were to always come to Him, and have a relationship with Him first and foremost. Gaining power from our relationship with God, we take it and use it for our relationships with Others. Finally we have a relationship with ourself, which is least dominant, and rarely cared about.

When sin entered the world that switched, and now our relationship with Self has replaced our relationship with God. The problem with that is we weren't made to live off ourselves alone. We were made to gain power from God and Others, Self alone is weak.

When we put God first, everything else falls into place. He is the source of all power and life.
When we put Self first, everything is a struggle. Greed and hatred become the hallmark of someone living this way as they try to gain power and control without God's help.
Putting Others first is just as bad as putting Self first, because they are just as sinful as you.

Relationship of Highest to Lowest Importance: God, Others, Self
The world teaches: Self, Others, God

Which are you living out?