Remember This


Remember This

The small moon can eclipse the great sun. Remember you too can do great things in life if you set yourself in the right place at the right time!

That is a great quote but needs to go further . If we set our heart , mind and soul on Christ . He will direct our path and put us in the right place at the right time . Cause it is His timing not ours . All things work together for good but and that is the big part we must put Him first and formost in our life .

He is worthy to be honoured and praised .

Yes we will have vallies to go though but if Christ is in our valley , we don't need to be afraid . He will not forsake us or let us go through more than we can bear. He is our refuge in the storm .

I just want to thank Him today for all His mercies , and all He has brought me through , and all He is going to bring me through . Thank you Jesus .

Amen! Thank you Lord for not being limited by our five senses or what our little minds can conceive. You truly are an awesome God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords!


Bi-polar club leader
Amen, Thank you Lord for the miraculous things that you do in our lives everyday and also for this wonderful forum and the lovely people you have brought into my life through it.
God is truly fighting for me tonight. thank you so much for posting that dusty it was exactly what i needed to read. the Lord is truly amazing