I was just thinking about all the controversy, all the different beliefs and convictions we have about God. Too many times we fight too much and argue even more, trying to make laws and doctrines out of everything, looking under rocks for trouble, calling things evil that are not...

With Christmas coming, thinking about the birth of Christ, I believe there are only a few things we should remember and put all of our trust in:


His LOVE is what made Him get on that cross and die for us so we can live an eternity with the Father.

His MERCY is what's allowing us to keep being forgiven over and over again, every time we ask.

His GRACE is what's letting us be fallible human beings and ultimately, I believe is what's saving us everyday from complete meltdown. Or even worse, from falling back into sin out of desperation. Because of His GRACE we don't have to despair because there is always forgiveness.

So, remember... Trust Him, enjoy life, enjoy your family and relax because:

He who started a good work in you is faithful to complete it. And He is, after all, the author and finisher of our faith.

He LOVES you!!