While remembering the many bountiful material blessings Yehovah has provided for us throughout the year on Thanksgiving; let us not forget the many Spiritual blessings He has provided as well. If you or a loved one, or a close friend, received Yeshua Ha'Meshiach (Jesus Christ) as Lord and redeemer, then you have received the most beautiful of all Spiritual blessing that will last and be with you throughout eternity. Or maybe you or someone you cherish received the Spiritual blessing of Yeshua healing touch, in response to prayers that reached the hearts seated upon Heaven's Thrones? Then there are the blessings of Spiritual growth that took place during the year, which provide you with peace of mind, and a greater assurance in your secure future, as well as the tools to manage life’s many struggles and diminish many of its difficulties? And what about the Spiritual blessing of being planted in a Nation, where you are free to worship your Creator as you choose? Now there are still many more beautiful Spiritual blessings from Heaven above: But I have left them for each of you to fill in! Amen!

A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all of you my dear Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua Ha'Meshiach. Shalom!
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