Remembrance - A poem

Remembrance - A poem

This is a poem that I started in my head not to long ago. Roughly a few minutes after listening to the song "Thank You" by Ashanti. This is a dedication to a number of people and pets I have known and who have all taught me something. They are either somewhere better or we have split paths. But they all taught me something that I wish to express in this poem. Enjoy.

What is hope when all seems lost?
When the leaves fall from the trees one by one.
Family. Friends.
They disappear like those little leaves on the tree.

Hope seems so fruitless
When you cannot find it around the bend.
But in the end there is something greater.
Of all those who have passed into my life,
I wished I had appreciated you more.

You have taught me lessons
That you can never learn from any book,
Or from any master.
Nay, it is something like water...
Slowly sinking into the foothold.

I want to give you thanks
But I only have a wind to carry my whisper,
To take the drops of tears to you.
I want to thank you for all your lessons.
You taught me something special.

I hope, one day, my whisper flitters into your ear,
And my tear drops coat your cheeks.
I hope you send me one as well,
And that I have the same.

In the end I learn that there is something
Much better beyond this life.
What it is? I do not know.
I just hope to see you again,
Around the bend,
All in the end.