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Reminder from the Moderators

When you post the works of others by copying and pasting their information, PLEASE make absolutely certain that you have PERMISSION from that author or their legal representatves to do so.

Most author's works are protected by U.S. and other nation's Copyright © Laws. If they wish to have their works copied and reposted elsewhere, there will be a Copyright © Waiver statement at the bottom of their webpage.

Otherwise it will say, " Copyright © ________, All Rights Reserved. That means that their information can NOT be copied without written permission. If the Moderators here at CFS see any works that have been copied without permission of the original author, that data will be removed and the person doing the copying will be disciplined.

Make CERTAIN that you have permission and post that permission statement along with your posting to verify to the staff here at CFS that you have confirmed the waiver. Please review Rule # 8 in the General Rules and Regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.
The laws VARY in most countries and since CFS is an INTERNATIONAL FORUM, we must protect all copyrights as if they were part of the strictest international laws that are applicable due to liability.

If you quote someone else's work, make certain that they have a copying waiver announcement on the page that their work is posted on. Otherwise, do NOT copy and paste it to CFS.
What if we paraphrase a work instead of copying/pasting a piece of it? Suppose a member on here were to enunciate that they're paraphrasing the comment of so-and-so author so that everyone would know that it's not a copy of a copywritten work?
According to MLA standards, paraphrasing must still cite the original work from which it was formed. I don't know how that relates to legal issues, but that's the writing rule.